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New Heights, LLC is proud to produce some of the most elite equipment in the roofing, construction, and landscaping industries. As the exclusive manufacturer of the original roofers buggy (now the Equipter 4000), we own patents for the unique designs and functionalities of many Equipter products.

Please refer to the Equipter patents list below for each product’s individual patent number.

Equipter 4000
Patent #US 6,817,677
Equipter 2000, 2500
Patent #US 10,464,463 B2
Equipter 5400
Patent #US 10,300,970 B2
Equipter 7000
Patent #US 11,840,292 B2
Patent #US 11,794,831 B2
Patent #US 11,660,957 B2
Patent #US 11,597,457 B2
Patent #US 11,530,008 B2
Equipter Tow-A-Lift
Patent #US 11,840,292 B2
Equipter Debris Bag
Patent #US D799,773 S
Equipter Roof Chute:
Patent #US D930,936 S